Shopkins Birthday Party Supplies Bouncy Bounce Balls Favours (pack of 6)

Shopkins Birthday Party Supplies Bouncy Bounce Balls Favours (pack of 6)


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Welcome to Shopville, the home of all your favourite Shopkins! Grab your cart and head down to the party table where you will see all of the latest characters on your party table.

Featured on your table will be Apple blossom, strawberry kiss, kooky cookie, D’lish donut, Poppy corn and more, all colourfully arrayed to make your kids yelp with delight.

This Shopkins Bouncy Balls Birthday Party Favour pack features:

  • 2 each of 3 designs
    1.25″ in size
    Rubber construction
    6 per package

GENUNE LICENSED Shopkins, Imported from USA. Kids will love bouncing these balls around the party (or outside, whichever you prefer)! 


Based on Grocery store items, each plastic figurine has a face and unique name. The collectible toys (which are designated as common, rare, and ultra rare) have also spawned a line of books and trading cards, as well as a youtube channel. Each figurine has a face and its own name. They are distributed in bright colored packaging with bubble letters. Shopkins are based on grocery items such as a candy bar named Cheeky Chocolate, a sweet apple named Apple Blossom, and a chocolate chip cookie named Kooky Cookie. Shopkins is a popular new line of super cute, super tiny, grocery-themed characters that kids are going crazy for, making parents hunt madly in search of them. With more than six million Shopkins characters sold in less than four months, it’s the hottest collectible toy this holiday season.

The toy line began in 2013, currently consisting of seasons 1 thru 5.