Disney Tangled Rapunzel Pull String Pinata Birthday Party Game Pinyata


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Imagine your daughter’s delight when she sees this large and adorable Rapunzel pinata hanging from the ceiling. 

The Rapunzel pinata features a picture of Rapunzel in the center and the entire item is made of purple paper mache. This kit is a perfect addition to any Disney-themed party because Rapunzel belongs to that family of princesses. A hole in the pinata is present so that you may stuff the candy into it and there are pull tabs at the bottom so that you can release the goodies inside. All the guests pull a string each and the person who succeeds may be given a special prize before getting the first dip at the treasures that spill out of it!

We also have Rapunzel favour packs and lip gloss treats that can be used to fill the pinata. You can also purchase purple themed lollipop suckers (swirls or plains) from our store to fill the pinata with sweet treats.

Size: Size: 21.5″ x 16″ x 4″

Over sized item. Imported from USA.

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