Green Lantern Justice League Trick or Treat Halloween Backpack / Party Favour Bag


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With halloween coming near, its time to stock up on your kids trick or treat goodies bag. This drawstring bag is printed with a scene from the Green Lantern movie and holds plenty of candy or other stuff! Whether you are wearing a Hal Jordon costume, Sinestro costume, Abin Sur costume, Tomar-Re costume or Kilowog costume, this treat bag is the perfect accessory – We like that it’s a different take on the tired old treat pail of yesteryear and can be re-used long after halloween!

Bonus: use it after your Halloween candy is gone to store your costume! 

  • Size: Backpack
  • This children’s item has been tested & passes CPSIA safety standards.
  • Plastic loop handles
  • Printed image of The Green Lantern Hal Jordan in action  
  • Manufacturer: Rubies Costume Company
  • Also great as loot bags or just as a tote to carry around your bat gear. Check our store for other great Green Lantern / Justice League costumes and accessories.



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