Mothers Day Gift 5 Fairy Blue Wrens Metal Wind Chime


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Gorgeous 5 blue fairy wrens wind chime ornament is a perfect

Mother’s Day gift!

Painted in lovely shades of blue, mauve, black and white these gorgeous Mothers Day Gift 5 Fairy Blue Wrens Metal Wind Chime is supported by round sculptured coloured hard glass ornaments. Same design on both sides of the birds. Made from High quality components, they not only look very pretty they are exquisitely hand crafted by master craftsmen.

These wind chimes make beautiful music when blown by the wind, soothing and relaxing to one’s ears. Just hang these blue fairy wrens wind chimes in your home garden or patio and sit down and relax to the gentle sounds of the wind chimes. A light wind chime made from a combination of glass, metal painted by hand is a great personal gift to give someone special like your mother or grandmother.

In ancient China wind chimes were a fundamental part of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the Asian art of object placement that was designed to enhance positive energy in a home or garden. Different kinds of wind chimes were constructed out of different types of materials such as bamboo, metal or ceramic to treat different types of problems.

Measurements & Specifications

– Length while hanging 69 cm
– Bird measures approx 5 cm height by 12 cm wide
– 5 Blue Birds/Wrens hanging
-Brand: Nature’s Melody