Wonder Woman DC Superheroes Tiara/Crown Adult

Wonder Woman DC Superheroes Tiara

If you’re looking to represent the most famous heroine of all time who is the epitome of beauty, brains and brawn – yes, Wonder Woman, then you need the costume accessories to go with it. She’s been a feminist icon since her star spangled launch in 1941.

Diana Prince’s entire costume including the tiara are often considered to be pro-American. However, the red star actually recognises the sacrifice that Diana Trevor made in the defence of Paradise Island, as the Amazons honoured her sacrifice and assumed the flying insignia she was wearing were her battle colours.

Diana Prince is a fictional character appearing regularly in stories published by DC Comics, as secret identity of the Amazonian superheroine Wonder Woman.

This gold fabric tiara is made of poyfoam material with a red star on the front and an elastic band that fastens with velcro at the back.

One size fits most adults.