Wonder Woman DC Superheroes Adult Accessory Kit Belt Tiara Lasso

Wonder Woman DC Superheroes Accessory Kit

Includes Belt – Tiara – Mini Lasso

Wonder Woman is an iconic superhero, who ranks right up there with Superman and Batman in terms of name recognition.  She’s been a feminist icon since her star spangled launch in 1941. But while everyone’s heard of Wonder Woman, many people don’t know that she was born Princess Diana of Themyscira. Diana Prince is a fictional character appearing regularly in stories published by DC Comics, as secret identity of the Amazonian superheroine Wonder Woman.

This DC COMICS Wonder Woman Adult Accessory kit has eEverything you need to become Wonder Woman – tiara, gauntlets and a belt with lasso. Now you just need to go and fight that crime with your other Superhero friends.

  • Wonder Woman Tiara
  • Belt with Lasso
  • Silver Gauntlets


All of the Amazons are well-trained in combat from a young age, which makes Wonder Woman a formidable foe in a fight thanks to her combination of combat skills and god-like powers.

Become the Wonder Woman herself with this great costume accessory packing plenty of punch!

One size fits most adults.

Perfect final touch for your Adult Wonder Woman costume!

Officially licensed DC COMICS costume accessory Kit