Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Ruby Red Child Sequin Shoe Covers

Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Ruby Red Child Sequin Shoe Covers


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The magical shoes that transported Dorothy Gale to the land of Oz. Now that you’re wearing the Wizard of Oz Dorothy Adult costume, you need her Ruby red slippers / shoes to look the complete part.

When the tornado drops the house back to the ground there’s a big BOOM! You wake up and look out the window to see things weren’t the same as they were earlier that day. You definitely know what Dorothy meant when she said we’re not in Kansas anymore and look down to see you’ve gone through a transformation similar to hers. Your transformation is nearly complete but missing a tiny but important bit – the glam red ruby sequin shoes!

This glitzy pair of  ruby red Dorothy Child shoe covers are a bright ruby red with red sequins all over. A fancy pair of sparkle shoe covers right out of the Wizard of Oz book.  A red bow is centred on top of your toes. These fit perfectly over your shoes, so you can look stylish while wearing your most comfortable sneakers this Book week or Halloween!

Meet up with a few friends and go on a magical adventure!

Specs: One size fits most, note shoe covers only not shoes, NO REFUNDS for footwear so please choose carefully.

This ruby slippers is an officially licensed Wizard of Oz costume accessory.