Thor Hammer – Medieval Style Boys Costume Weapon Accessory


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Thor Hammer – Medieval Style Boys Costume Weapon Accessory

The norse believed that during a thunderstorm, the God Thor rode through the heavens on his chariots. Lightning flashed whenever he threw his hammer Mjollnir (that smashes) which  was especially made for him. When Thor was angry, he threw his mighty hammer, the Mjollnir  on the main enemies of the gods. After throwing his awesome hammer weapon which hit its target, it would then return to thor’s hand. The hammer was also a symbol of lightning. Thursday (Thors day) was derived from this mighty god.

So if you are needing a weapon to show off your might this halloween, why not grab a mighty Mjollnir for your accessory? This hammer is designed medieval style and makes it more authentic looking. As its plastic, it won’t do much damage but will scare off your adversaries when you wield it menacingly!

Avengers Thor Medieval Hammer is a great kids weapon / toy. Great superhero avengers costume accessory.