The Super Nerd Geek Instant Costume Accessories Kit


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The Super Nerd Instant Set contains silly square black glasses that look like they have been mended in the middle, crooked teeth and the putty set for custom fit and a black satin bow. With the cool Super Nerd Instant Set it will only take you minutes to turn into a geek and entertain the neighbourhood.

Includes impression putty which will turn you into a geek every time with a  custom fit! Talk, eat and drink naturally. Comfortable to wear!

Turn into a computer nerd or ingenious geek and make people laugh! An instant costume kit to make you slip into a different role and go incognito on halloween or a costume party!

Great for movie role play – “Austin Powers”, “Revenge of the Nerds”, “Honey I shrunk the kids” series etc

The Super Nerd Geek Instant Costume Accessories Kit Contents:

Glasses, Teeth with custom adhesive putty,  Black Bow Tie