Sultry Medusa Green Metallic Adult Costume Gown S: M/L/XL

Sultry Medusa Green Metallic Adult Costume Gown S: M/L/XL



Sultry Medusa Green Metallic Adult Costume

with headpiece, armbands, shoulder drapes

Size:Medium, Large or Extra Large

The Story of Medusa

Long long time ago as the legend goes there was a beautiful maiden by the name of Medusa who lived in Athens, Greece. Medusa was one of the most beautiful maidens in Greece but she was very vain. Everyday she boasted about her beauty to others. She told the miller that her skin was more beautiful than fresh white snow, she told the cobbler that her hair was brighter than the sun, the blacksmith’s son that her eyes were greener than the Aegean sea and that her lips the reddest rose in the whole wide world. One day she went to the Parthenon, the biggest temple in Greece and encountered the Goddess of beauty and wisdom, Athena. Medusa commented on the statues displayed saying that she should have been one of them and commented that as she was more beautiful than Athena herself a grander temple should be built in her likeness.

The angry goddess Athena appeared to her and cursed her of being so vain and self-centred that instead of working or learning all she did was admire herself! She cursed that her beauty would begone forever and turned Medusa into a monster. Her hair turned into hissing snakes and body into a snake. Anyone who looked into Medusa’s eyes would turn into a stone she cursed and so would Medusa herself if she looked into her own reflection she warned. She was sent to live with the blind monsters, the Gorgon sisters at the ends of the earth so no one would see them and be turned into stones by accident.

About this costume

The dangerous beauty of Medusa is captured in a shimmering green metallic costume gown with a coordinating gold snake headpiece.

  • Medusa surely shines in a metallic-kissed goddess dress, featuring an intricate sequin snake embellishment at the neckline, as well as attached golden shoulder drapes. You will have people frozen, as if they were turned into stone, with how hot you look.
  • Accessorize for goodness snakes! Be sure to add a little slither to your locks with the moldable serpentine headpiece.
  • The included gold armbands can be worn at the wrist or at the bicep to add even more polish to this enchanting ensemble! However you wear it, you are going to look fabulous!
  • Gather Zeus and the crew together for a Greek-inspired group costume of mythic proportions!
  • Includes: dress, headpiece and armbands.
  • Does not include: earrings or shoes.


MEDIUM: fits 120 lb-140 lb (55-65 kg approx) size 6-10
LARGE : fits 140lb-160 lb (65-75kg) – size 10-14
XLARGE : Fits160 lb-180 lb (75 kg-85kg) – size 14-16

Brand: Dreamgirl USA, Style 9442