Star Wars Darth Vader Blister Pack – Mask, Cape, Printed Chest piece, Lightsaber


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 All it takes to become the most feared Sith Lord in the galaxy is a set of all-black clothing, a red lightsaber, and the Star Wars Darth Vader Costume Kit. Once a promising Padawan turned Jedi Knight for the Republic, Anakin Skywalker later used his immense power to serve the Galactic Empire.

Your young Padawan can embrace his Dark Side with this costume kit, which includes a plastic half-mask that’s been moulded to look like Vader’s two-piece helmet in shiny black. It features bubble lenses for visibility. Also in this kit is a cape along with a printed chest piece and a lightsaber everything you need to play the part to the hilt and if you need to sound like his legendary voice, get the sound device from our store so you can make your opponents flee with just the sound of your approaching!

Item Includes:

  • Mask, black cape, printed chest piece & Lightsaber™