Spooky Stuff Kids Black Witch / Vampire Halloween Costume Cape


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Spooky Stuff Kids Black Witch Halloween Costume Cape

October 31 seems to creep up on us every single year. Every year, kids — and sometimes adults — dress up in ridiculous outfits and storm the streets, on a mission to ring strangers’ doorbells and fill bags with candy. While some outfits can be creepy and scary, this one is simple, cute and unisex! It is only a lil spooky but also fun!

The Spooky Stuff kids black witch halloween costume cape is not only cute, its very affordable halloween kids costume cape considering you can pay a lot to get yourself outfitted for just one day in the whole year!  Our halloween black cape comes with a flying witch printed at the back as pictured with a circle of green stars surrounding her. The black cape has a collar attached.

One size fits most.

Great for going trick or treating. Boys and girls can both wear this fun Cape. For boys this can easily turn into a vampire dress-up just pick up one of our glow-in-the dark halloween vampire masks with green-ish face mask that match the green prints on the cape.

We also have a lot of witch accessories, hats, brooms, trick or treat witch kettles etc. So hurry grab your halloween dress ups now before they are all gone!


1 x Spooky Stuff Kids Black Witch / Vampire Halloween Costume Cape