My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Princess Fancy Dress Costume Birthday Frock S: 4-6 Yrs


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My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Girls Princess Fancy Dress Costume


Well here’s the right costume of this sweet little pony for you in a princess style!

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Girls Princess Fancy Dress Costume is a lovely dress with gorgeous tulle layering outside and with a gorgeous image of pinkie pie at the top on the bodice. Long party style dress. Cute hair piece that matches the dress.

About Pinkie Pie, the Earth Pony

She has happy blue eyes and vivid, fluffy, hot-pink mane. She always wears a lively smile and is very outgoing and energetic. Her body is a light pink, and her Cutie Mark consists of three balloons: one yellow, and two blue. They represent her talent and love of throwing parties. Pinkie Pie can also predict the future through various twitches and motions made by her body. She also works at Sugarcube Corner. Which probably explains why she has a massive appetite for cakes and sweets. She assists in preparing baked goods. Pinkie Pie rents a flat above Ponyville’s sweet shop. She loves sugar and treats, so this suits her quite well. Though she is seen at the Sugarcube corner more and quite a lot. There she could be helping Mr and Mrs Cake or just holding parties.

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