Mens Wolverine Adult Werewolf Hairy Feet Shoe Cover Halloween Costume Accessory


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These Men’s /Adults Wolverine Adult Hairy Feet/ Furry Brown Shoe Covers are a sure howl! 

The Wolverine is a 2013 superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Wolverine and the Character also appears in the X-Men sequels.

Do you wanna become Logan/ The Wolverine? The main mutant character/hero of the film where handsome Hugh Jackman portrayed the character of the mutant whose prodigious self healing abilities make him virtually immortal? Everyone the Wolverine loves dies and his whole life is full of pain which he tries to escape but he cannot — because he cannot really die!

 Transform into the Wolverine this halloween with this perfect Wolverine Accessory – or if you are just looking for the perfect accompaniment to any werewolf costume, these furry, frighteningly realistic Halloween Wolf feet / shoe covers will do the trick on a dark starry moonlit night.

These fit easily over your own feet, and are sure to have you howling for more. 

Suitable for age 14 years and over. 

When the full moon emerges, you’ll be the party animal in these fun werewolf long hairy feet accessory.