Mens Robin Hood Medieval Warrior Adult Costume S: M

Mens Robin Hood Medieval Warrior Adult Costume S: Medium

In this Adult Robin Hood Medieval Warrior Costume, turn  into the prince of thieves and the savior of Nottingham . Robin Hood was the legendary bandit of England who stole from the rich to help the poor. The stories about Robin appealed to common folk because he stood up against—and frequently outwitted—people in power. Furthermore, his life in the Sherwood forest—hunting and feasting with his fellow outlaws, coming to the assistance of those in nee was a great and noble adventure. His principal opponent was the vicious and oppressive Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin’s companions included Little John, Alan-a-Dale, Much, and Will Scarlett. Robin also acquired a girlfriend named Maid Marian and a new companion, a monk called Friar Tuck.

Transform yourself into the highly skilled archer and swordsman, a heroic outlaw in English folklore, the one and only robin hood!
Check out this adult men’s robin hood medieval warrior costume which comes complete with a pair of green trousers, and a velour shirt which has brown cross stitch detailing. Also included is a brown leather look belt which has an arrow holder and brown boot covers. All you need now is  a bow and arrow set for the legendary archer (not included), and you will be set to lead his merry men against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham!maid marion on your arm!
Size: Medium
Chest 38-40″; Waist 32-34″; Inside leg 32 3/4th”