Hannibal Lector Pyschopath Restraint Mask Costume Accessory Silence of Lambs Movie


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Hannibal Lector Pyschopath Restraint Mask Costume Accessory Silence of Lambs

Restraint Movie

This formidable looking piece of plastic Hannibal Pyschopath restraint face mask would be great this halloween if you are playing the part of the flesh eating evil genius mastermind and psychotic character Hannibal Lector in the movie “Silence of the Lambs”. Or would suit any other evil murderer, prisoner or notorious character whether imaginary or real. This Hannibal mask covers the bottom half of your face and has a black elastic at the back to hold it in place just like in the movie.

Included: 1 plastic mask
Size: One size

Suitable: Adult Movie theme”Silence of the Lambs” Costume Accessory or Halloween Evil Monsterous or Pyschopath Character Dress-up