Gabrielle Purple Eye Mask with Feathers – Mardi Gras / Carnival Accessory


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Get ready to partake in the Mardi Gras celebrations in March with this exquisite Moulin Rouge Venetian Style Feather decorative mask! It features ornate and beautifully detailed gold decorative trims around the eyes, nose and the edges of the face. Then topped off at the centre with a larger decoration. Clear / White crystal stone ornaments are jewelled into the gold ornaments. The Feathers match the colour of the face but in degrees of varying darker shades of the same colour to give the plumes some contrast.

Won’t last long! Grab one of our Mardi Gras costumes in similar colours to match your mask! Or grab a pom pom / festive mardi gras banner  to match.

Colours Available are Red, Brown, Violet or Blue


  • One (1) per package
  • Elastic band for a secure fit
  • One size fits most