Disney Tinkerbell Fairy Glitter Wand With Ribbons + Headband

Disney Tinkerbell Fairy Glitter Wand With Ribbons + Headband

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No Tinkerbell costume would be complete without this gorgeous accessory: a magic wand! Who knows what magic you’ll be able to create in just one night! This wand is silver, shimmery, and has fun streamer ribbons shimmering down from the top! The centre of the wand has a large Tinkerbell image in a shimmering green edged oval cameo. Surrounded by green beads and organza. Stunning!

And if you’d like to take the role more seriously, consider this – an Alice band that matches the costume and wand!
This headband has TinkerBell & her fairy friend from Pixie Hollow flying through the fern – playing amidst the green!
You can see the large wings of the fairies (see last image) and almost hear them flutter!!
3D embossed rubberised fairies which jump out of the fern.

Truly beautiful headband (fabric outer layer, metal inside) also has a couple of shiny beads through it.

The perfect pixie accessories for one enchanted, magical evening!