Batman The Dark Knight Rises Official Adult Mask Superhero Accessory


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The Batman The Dark Knight Rises Adult Mask will give anyone who wants to fight the forces of evil in their town, a good run for their money. The mask may not cover your entire face, but that just means you’ll be able to show off your rugged good looks while also taking on Bane and his followers. The mask will still allow you to live your double life as a playboy billionaire without getting you all hot and sweaty or giving you “bat hair,” by being open faced.

  • The Batman, the Dark Knight rises adult mask covers half your face and has a strap in the back that holds the mask in place.
  • This strap means it can be put on when you want to go fight evil doers but it can also be taken off quickly and cleanly when its time to hit the clubs.
  • Grab all kinds of bat-gadgets and you can do battle with all opponents
  • Includes: Plastic mask.
  • This is an officially licensed Batman accessory.


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