Adult Renaissance Queen Costume Women’s Historical Medieval Gown S: M

Adult Renaissance Queen Costume Women’s Historical Medieval Gown S: M


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Adult Renaissance Queen Costume Women’s Historical Medieval Gown SIZE: STANDARD (MEDIUM)

During the Middle Ages, men ruled — except when women did. There were few queens who ruled or wielded influence and power and they did this through their husbands, sons, and grandsons. This period is known for its elaborate clothing and outfits lavished with jewels, embroidery, ribbons, and lace. Sometimes these fashions in England are referred to as Tudor or Elizabethan fashions because they were heavily influenced by the English monarchs, especially Elizabeth I. At the beginning of the Renaissance, clothing started to become rounder and fuller.  Women’s clothing began with high waistlines, square necklines, and finestrella sleeves.

Overall, Renaissance fashions were characterized with a new scale of opulence and extravagance never quite reached in the Middle Ages.  Jewels, pearls, gold, lace were used unscrupulously.  Jewelry became very important during this time period to denote wealth and position.  Fashions truly reflected the love of art, discovery, and new inventions that defined the Renaissance.

This beautiful Queen Renaissance Costume Dress features scalloped silver-coloured headpiece with attached purple veil and a purple velour tunic. The Renaissance costume dress  has a lace-look front and empire waist typical of this period. The Renaissance Queen Costume Dress is available in adult size STD (Medium).

Be royally majestic at your next costume party in your Renaissance Queen Costume Dress!

Long live the queen – ye Highborn maiden!


  • Item Number: RBWC-73175_STD
  • Item Material: Polyester
  • Item Colour: Purple
  • SIZE                  – BUST  –   WAIST
  • STD (Medium) 36 – 38″ 27 – 30″