Adult Men’s Elf Costume Tunic Festive Colours

Make Christmas festive this year – don this awesome Elf Costume Tunic for Men in traditional festive colours. Elves come in all shapes and sizes at Christmas, even if most go by the name of “Santa’s Little Helper”. Seasonal colours will get you in the mood, a jester collar adds to the fun and a waist cord keeps everything in place!


Tunic with Jester Collar Waist Cord

Size(s) STD is one size

Now you are all set to become Santa’s little helper.

Great set for actors for stage performances, shows, kids fun christmas events, masquerades, christmas carnivals and fetes and so much more! Wake up kids with the Elf Adult costume for Men this Christmas Morn. Ho Ho Ho become Santas Adult Helper in distributing the kids gifts.