Matrix 2 Twins Adult Men’s Costume Blonde Wig

The Matrix Twins are fictional characters in the 2003 film The Matrix Reloaded. They are the henchmen of the Merovingian who can become translucent and move through solid objects, although believed to be an old version of the agents. The Twins appear very confident and loyal to their master. They also appear to look at everything skeptically, and do not lose their temper quickly.They have the ability to take non-corporeal form to move through walls, avoid gunfire and other weapons, etc. The Twins were featured in Reloaded’s famous Freeway Chase scene, in which Morpheus and Trinity rescued the Keymaker and attempt to escape.

Find your soul-brother and become one half of The Twins donning this blonde Mens Matrix Twins Blonde Wig.

Included in this Matrix 2 Twins Wig Pack:

1 x Blonde Wig with dreadlocks as shown