Deluxe Prince Charming Adult Book Week Costume – Tailcoat, Sash & Pants

Deluxe Prince Charming Adult Book Week Costume – Tailcoat, Sash & Pants


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Deluxe Prince Charming Adult Costume for Book Week

This Deluxe Prince Charming Adult Costume is great for a costume party, birthday party, special event or book week dress up for  adults, teachers and librarians who want to get into the fun!

Prince Charming the love interest of Cinderella in the Disney movies has showed himself to be not just dashing but humorous, vital, and a romantic who loves to dance! All he wants is a love as true as the one his parents had shared. His love for Cinderella is powerful and he gets . Elegant both mentally and appearance wise, quite a swashbuckler with a rebellious side when he has to defend his lady love. Despite his position in power and royal status, Charming is far from shallow and non-judgmental about people who are not blue blooded like himself.

Physically he is strong, lean and muscular with broad shoulders. He has fair skin, black hair and brown eyes. In most of his appearances, he is seen in a royal outfit like the Prince Charming costume shown here with tail coat, sash and pants. Our Deluxe Prince Charming Adult Costume includes the white military-style tailcoat with gold edged epaulets, gold braids and polished gold buttons, red sash with a medal and ribbon, and the natty royal blue pants (similar to that in Cinderella 2). Great as a couples costume with your date dressed up as Cinderella!

This Deluxe Prince Charming Adults Costume includes –

White Coat with Gold Trims
Red Sash with Gold Trims
Trousers in Navy Blue

Standard size will fit up to 42″ shoulders (for more details about fit, refer to the graphic illustration).

Manufactured for Forum Novelties Inc, USA.

*Please note if purchasing on ebay only – there is a free crown offer included with this purchase. Gold or silver plastic bejeweled crown with sizing strip in back. It has padded foam fabric at the back to customize the fit or adjust the size down to fit children or adults depending on their head circumference*