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Men 1960s Groovy Hippy Hippie Costume Peace Disco 70s 60s Rainbow Woodstock Suit


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Mens 60s Costume Peace Disco 70s Groovy Retro Suit 
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BONUS Rainbow Peace Necklace

60s Groovy Hippie Costume, Multi-Coloured, with Waistcoat, Shirt & Flared Trousers

It started off as a ticketed event with a planned attendance of 50,000 people. Half a million actually showed up. There weren’t enough washrooms. There wasn’t enough food. It rained, like, a lot. But over those three days in August of 1969, there were no riots, there was no looting. Just a lot of peace and love and music.

But we remember Woodstock as a cultural touchstone, a sort of magical confluence of time and space where the dreams of a generation came to full blossom to the soundtrack of that moment. The end of Woodstock brought with it the end of summer and the end of the Sixties in many ways. Woodstock may have ushered in the era of music festivals and cemented the 1960s in the popular imagination. But it was also the last gasp of the hippie and free love movement and the Sixties counterculture. 

You can always count on a cool hippie costume for some free-spirited Halloween fun and groovy vibes, especially if you're a fan of treats over scary tricks. Whether you want to dress up in the vintage-inspired clothes you already own and add some retro peace-sign jewelry, or go full-on flower child with bell bottoms and tie-dye, these outfits and accessories for men and women will have you totally ready for your haunted house (or Zoom) parties.

What this costume includes:

  • Waistcoat Multicoloured Printed 
  • Shirt in Metallic Shiny Purple Plain Coloured
  • Flared Trousers Printed in Same Design as Waistcoat
  • Wig not included


This fabulous Peace necklace will be perfect to complete your Hippie costume.  The necklace is plastic with a base of white with a top pint of rainbow colours.  The order of the colours may differ from the photo but all of the colours are included.  A black cord is included which is approx 88cm in length.  The peace medallion is 8.5cm across.