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Medieval Fantasy Staff / Riddler Cane – Adult Men’s Costume Accessory


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Medieval Fantasy Staff / Riddler Cane - Adult Men's Costume Accessory

The enchanting accessory that seamlessly transforms you to either a Medeval Sorcerer or the enigmatic Riddler, a favorite Batman villain!

With our Mage's Rod, you can channel the magical prowess of renowned wizards like Gandalf or Merlin. Imagine wielding the power of their spells as you cast your own enchantments at costume parties and events.
But that's not all! When you're feeling a bit more mischievous, transform your rod into the signature cane of the Riddler. Just like Edward Nygma, you'll be ready to leave behind cryptic clues and riddles for the Caped Crusader. The Riddler is full of questions, hence the large question mark shaped cane.


  • Mystical Transformation: This rod effortlessly transitions from a mage's wand, capable of conjuring spells, to the enigmatic cane of the Riddler, perfect for outsmarting your foes in Gotham's dark alleys.
  • Dual-Character Design: Ideal for those who want to embody the mystique of legendary wizards while embracing the cunning intellect of one of Batman's most iconic adversaries.
  • The long size cane comes with an attachment so you can make it longer
  • The stick itself has a wood grain look to it and at the top you have the gilt edged question mark shape handle t