Introducing Ninja Turtles Costumes & Birthday Party Supplies

GiftsnBargains is proud to announce that we have recently launched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Supplies at our Melbourne Online Birthday Party & Costume Supplies Online store.

Get your favourite Ninja turtle in action on printed plates, cups, napkins etc with matching green cutlery. We can ship to almost any location in Australia covered by post/courier.

We are also bringing Ninja Weaponry into our store shortly – nanchucks, ninja daggers, swords etc. Watch out TMNT fans. As for the costume crazed Ninja Turtles fans – they have a great selection of Turtle Costumes for Kids or Adults – most of our costumes are the Muscle Chest Type with stuffable shell backs…great to show off those rippling muscles while combatting the Footclan, Shredders or Karai’s.

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