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Brass Butterfly Windchime – Home & Garden Hanging Decoration Gift – 85cm


Hand-painted Glass & Brass Butterfly Wind Chime - Home & Garden Hanging Decoration Gift - 85cm

This windchime features intricate butterfly designs that add a touch of natural beauty and grace to any setting. They are not only beautifully and intrisically hand painted but they also sound melodious when the wind gently stirs them. These delicate chimes create a symphony of soothing sounds, turning your home and garden into a serene oasis.

These wind chimes have a stained glass effect style of colours as they reflect the light when it hits them. really beautiful to behold and anyone who recieves one of these as gifts will be guaranteed to appreciate it .Whether it adorns a cozy corner of the garden or brings charm to a living space, this windchime is a thoughtful and enduring gift suitable for any occasion.


  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 85 cm
    • Length: 20 cm
    • Width: 10 cm



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