Book Week Costumes for Children

Where Dreams Come True

Make this Book Week an event that your child will always remember one of the magical book week costumes available in our store! There are plenty of character book week costumes to choose from. Open the doors to the enchanting world of make believe when they turn the pages of their favourite storybooks and celebrate this year’s book week parade with all the pomp and splendour it deserves. With a range of affordable accessories to complete their book week costumes—from stylised wigs and sparkling princess shoes to replica shields and superhero gloves – your children will have the time of their life while you save on time, energy, and money.

Who wouldn’t want to live the life of an adventurous storybook character? GiftsnBargains’ book week costumes are ideal for kids of all ages and sizes. Book Week allows kids to re-live the magic of their favourite fairy tale, super-hero, and historical or storybook characters while bringing it to life in the classroom.

Most important of all, the book week costumes at GiftsnBargains make life a whole lot easier for parents looking for specific book week character costumes for their children – especially for time constrained parents! With limited time to piece together an outfit for your child, here you can find the perfect book week boys or girls costume at a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere. Find some simple book week costume accessories  by browsing our accessories section, enabling them to play their role with ease. If you need them fast, no worries, ship with our express delivery service so we can despatch your order overnight by courier so you can receive them next day or within 2 days to metropolitan cities, or within a couple of days to other non-metro regions.

Classic Book Week Character Costumes for Girls

Let your little princess be a real princess this year with our range of glam fairy tale book character costumes. Be her fairy godmother and help her twirl, as Cinderella did, in a shimmering blue ball gown and sparkling silver tiara. Stand by her proudly as she wins first place in her lustrous amethyst Rapunzel Tangled Fairytale Dress with its full skirt and intricately patterned silver overlay, donning a plaited Rapunzel cameo wig and purple glitter shoes. The interesting book character costumes available at our store will have her thrilled whatever you decide and bound to have her mates cheering.

Our book week costumes  also come with striking accessories for that extra magical touch. Take your daughter straight to Neverland with our replica Disney Tinkerbell wig and glitter wand. Or for an unusual twist, dress her up as Zarina, the Pirate Fairy or the Tinkerbell Pirate Fairy – this velvety green and purple costume comes replete with detachable gossamer wings. You can’t go wrong with Disney’s highly popular fairy tale book character costumes.

Versatile Book Character Costumes for Boys

Slip your son into one of our nifty ninja turtles costume and equip him with some of the cool martial weapons available, or get him into the dress-up gear of the Power Rangers Super Megaforce Red or Special Silver Ranger costumes for kids available at GiftsnBargains. Transform him into a bold but vocal buccaneer with our swashbuckling The Wiggles Captain Feathersword pirate costume or turn him into the nefarious and dreaded Darth Vader from Star Wars with the Darth vader boys costume with cape & helmet. Whatever catches your fancy, our collection of elaborate book week costumes are a great way to send children hurtling into the world of adventurous fiction or fantasy stories created by talented authors, illustrators and comic book writers.

Unconventional Book Week Costumes

The range of superhero book character costumes at Gifts n Bargains also covers TV, movie and cartoon superheroes from a range of popular and timeless graphic novels. Marvel and DC Comic Characters are extremely popular choices with all the boys looking to model themselves on these super heroes racing to save the world from destruction. Would your son like to be the fearless Captain America who is currently a top favourite? Or would he rather be the brilliant—if slightly incorrigible – Ironman? We can help him be any member of The Avengers or The Justice League he desires – even the Incredible Hulk or Green Lantern! Our superhero book character costumes are amazingly well crafted replicas – many of them with deluxe muscle chest and light-up accessories (which boy doesn’t want to be cool?). Batgirl’s costume cape and gloves will fascinate your daughter as much as Thor’s iconic chain mail vest will make your son feel omnipotent.

Our book week costumes are so perfectly crafted that your children will never want to relinquish them. And who can blame them, once they’ve lived out a day as their favourite book character? Costumes for toddlers and primary schoolers, kids 2-10 years are our speciality so browse through our store to find the perfect book character costumes for this year’s Book Week Costume parade or just get inspired to make your own – and let the adventure begin!

Book Week Costumes for Teachers: Why should kids have all the fun?

Our collection of book week costumes for teachers and librarians is a great way for you to unleash your adventurous side upon your unsuspecting students. We have a wide range of adult-sized book character costumes from which you can pick. Browse through our online or ebay store and take your pick. Alternatively look at our book week costume ideas for adults and teacher librarians below to find the book week costume that suits you best.

Book Week Costumes for Women

Be versatile when you think book character costume in adult size. Versatile book week costumes for teachers can portray you in an interesting new light. There are few people who can mould children better than the mysterious Nanny McPhee and few characters more beloved than the intriguing Mary Poppins. Who do you think you are?

Choose the book character costumes that complement your personality and teaching style. Are you the fabled and imposing Queen Guinevere or one of the stylish and classic Renaissance beauties? A bold and feisty Catwoman from the 21st century period or a determined Dorothy on her way to Oz? Whichever of these realistic book character costumes you choose to wear, you’ll turn your boisterous students into adoring fans over the span of one day.

Book Week Costumes for Men

Show your students a side of you they’ve never seen with our collection of adult costumes. Quell your class of tumultuous teens with an authentic Batman or Spiderman adult muscle costume. Bring out your lighter side with a Despicable Me Dave Minion costume. Be the legendary Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars, a noble King or a handsome Prince Charming, a radical warrior Ninja Turtle, a heroic Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story or a tranquil Na’vi from Avatar.

Our book week costumes are so perfectly crafted that your children will never want to relinquish them. And who can blame them, once they’ve lived out a day as their favourite book character? Whatever you decide, you’ll definitely make your kids – and your own – book week a memorable one this year. We hope you’ll find some of these Book Week Costume ideas inspiring!